State of The Art Equipment

Having the right equipment, specifically matched to your needs, and properly and professionally installed, can make all the difference in the quality of your swimming environment. In today’s market, with an increasing number of problem solving technologies, this is even more so.

At First Choice Pool & Spa, we are highly experienced and trained in the latest pool equipment alternatives, including automation, salt based chlorinator systems, heat pumps, chemical feeding systems, and more. Our presence in the industry, flow of projects, and culture of professionalism and excellence acts as a magnet for the best pool repair and equipment professionals in the industry. In fact, many of our equipment professionals have over 10 years of experience.

First Choice Pool and Spa Services is uniquely qualified to assist you in making well informed decisions regarding pool equipment alternatives, and to answer questions like:

What are the benefits of variable speed or multiple speed pumps such as the Intelliflo® SVRS?

Is a salt based chlorination system for me?

How much should I expect to spend to heat my pool?

Should I add a muriatic acid feeder to my system?

What are the most efficient and/or quietest choices for pool pumps?

What can I do to reduce the entrapment risk of my pool?

What can ozone do for my pool?

How can I automate my pool? What are the advantages?

First Choice Pool and Spa Services sells and installs a wide variety of swimming pool equipment including:

Pool Heat Pumps – Pool Heaters – Heat Pumps – Salt Chlorinators – Filters (Cartridge, DE, and Sand) – Pumps – Motors – Automation Systems – Automatic Feeders – Automatic Pool Cleaners – Lighting (Including LED Lighting) – Anti-Entrapment Devices – Ozonators and more.


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