Pool Acid Washing

One Of The Best Ways To Bring Old Murky Pools Back To Life

We use different kinds of acids everyday. We use it as part of our meals like the vinegar that we put on our salads. We also use it for cleaning our bathrooms particularly the tiles, the sinks and toilet bowl with the use of muriatic acid. In its milder concentration, it takes form as our beverage like the sodas you drink. Definitely, we can say that it has played an important role in our lives. However, acid in its concentrated form can be harmful to your skin or even to certain things. In metals, it can cause corrosion. In human beings, it may cause allergies, wounds or even death.
That is just a preview on the desirable and undesirable effects of acids. However, this article is about the relationship of acids to swimming pools: both the good and bad of it.
In pool waters, a lower ph (which means the water is acidic) is not desirable. Water should be maintained at its normal ph, which is 7.2-7.8 in order to preserve the pool and make it safe for swimming. However, there are certain instances wherein acid needs to be splashed over the pool finishes in order to remove the etched parts and clean it. It uses a diluted muriatic acid in a one is to one ratio (meaning 1 gallon of muriatic acid should be diluted in 1 gallon of water).
When is acid washing required? The following are the conditions that require this process:When there is an overgrowth of algae in your pool.
When you can no longer see the bottom floor of your pool.
When your pool has not been used for a long time and many creatures are staying in it.
When you have stains in your pool that is very hard to remove.
When you want to prepare your pool for a new coat of painting or what we call resurfacing and even lamination.
You rather drain and clean the pool with acid than have them treated with chemicals. You see, if the pool water is really dark and murky, you will be spending tons of money on chemicals just to make it work. At times, these chemicals will no longer be effective. It can also leave residues floating on your water. Do you think it will still be good for swimming? If you want to clean up your pools when it has turned ugly and dirty, this is your economical option.
Bear in mind as well that this is no perfect process. If your pool finishes have cracks or etches, well it will not be removed. However, it is a guarantee that this is an opportunity for you to level off those surfaces and make sure that every inch of the pool is sanitized.
You can actually do this by yourself. When you do it, you will be required to wear protective gear. However, if you are not sure what you will be doing, it would be preferable that you leave it to the professionals. Besides, proper use of acid should be exercised so that you will not cut short the life expectancy of your pool.

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