Pool Remodeling
The following photo gallery is a small sample of our remodeling work. Our remodeling services include: plastering which is also known as “Diamond Brite”, pebble finish, pebble sheen, tiling, coping, Briks, decking, pool plumbing and electrical, remote controls Operating system, acid washing and new pool equipment sales and installation.
Once the coping has been installed and the pool has been tiled and plastered, it is time to fill up the pool and proceed with the new plaster start up. We offer our own method to cure the new plaster. The start up or break-in is a required part of the job. It is needed to remove all the plaster dust or calcium carbonate left over. If the calcium carbonate is not removed in time, it will bond to the new surface building up as hard, rough scale. The curing process achieves two goals: removing the plaster dust and balancing the water chemistry. It is very important that you select a pool company that offers the start-up service as a part of the remodeling job. It is important to know that one contractor is responsible for all phases of the remodeling project.
Please check this page regularly for updates, as we will add new photos and information.

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