pool-repairAt First Choice Pool, we take great pride in the exceptional capabilities of our ace repair crews. Our highly trained Pool Repair Technicians frequently have years of experience servicing pools. Additionally, consistent with our culture of excellence, they regularly participate in training programs to maintain their edge in the industry.

First Choice Pool and Spa acts as a warranty center for most major brands of pool equipment including Pentair, Sta-Rite, Hayward, Goldline Controls (Aquarite Chlorinators, ProLogic Automation Systems, and AquaLogic Automation Systems) Platinum Warranty Center, and Autopilot.

Pool owners usually underestimate the risk they are taking when hiring less qualified companies. Similar to hiring someone to work on your car, hiring a qualified, well trained company saves money and aggravation. Doesn’t it simply make sense to hire an established company authorized as a warranty station for the majority of installed pool equipment?

We are proud of the fact that some of the most prestigious pools in the world count us as the only company they call for repair work. We take pride in the numerous situations where we are the third or fourth company brought in to find a leak, one that has remained undetected by other companies, only to succeed in finding it. We are proud that we have developed the capability of our Repair Technicians such that they can work on all kinds of pool equipment, both simple and more complex. But more than anything, we take pride in the sense of a job well done every day, with equipment properly installed and repairs properly performed.

Consistent with our culture of excellence in everything we do, we tend to hire only very qualified, highly professional Pool Repair Technicians, with developed expertise in pool leak detection, plumbing diagnosis, pool automation, automatic chemical feeders, salt based chlorinator systems, and pool equipment alternatives. Our presence in the industry, flow of projects, and culture of professionalism and excellence acts as a magnet for the best Pool Repair Technicians in the industry. We also train from within, promoting proven Recreational Water Professionals from the service side of our business that have displayed exceptional proficiency and competence.

We offer an assortment of pool repairs services, including:
Leak Detection
Leak Repair
Automation (Remote Control) Troubleshooting & Repair
Chemical Feeding System Troubleshooting & Repair
Equipment Replacement
Filter Repair & Replacement
Lighting Repairs & Upgrades
LED Multi-Color Lighting System Repairs
Motor Repair & Replacement
Salt System Repairs
Valve Repair
Suction Leaks
Clogged Line Repair
Motor Replacement
Impeller Replacement
Pool Heater Repair
Salt System Diagnostics
Pool Inspection
Plumbing Diagnosis
Pump Repair & Replacement
Advanced Repairs
Pool System Design
Virginia Graeme Baker (VGB) Act Compliant Drain Covers (See Notice)

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